Useful tips: how to keep breasts elastic?

Every woman wants to be the owner of a beautiful, elastic breast. Feeding children, age, injuries and other factors lead to their withering. We have collected the most effective methods that will help to restore the former beauty and keep the breast elastic.
Tip number 1: proper nutrition
Nutrition is the key to beauty, health and well-being. It will also help keep the breasts elastic and young. In order for your bust to fill with strength and be the same as before, you should pay attention to this advice. In the diet should be meat. Predominantly should consume veal, poultry, fish. In addition, milk and fish oil are mandatory. Regarding the latter, this is a long-standing advice that is extremely beneficial to breast health. It is recommended to drink koumiss twice a year for three weeks. If there is no such possibility, then it can be replaced with ordinary kefir. In general, this will allow not only to keep the chest elastic, but in general to find a beautiful figure.
Council number 2: gymnastics
Performing certain exercises will reduce the likelihood of problems with sagging breasts. Due to physical activity, the glands gradually develop and increase in size, respectively, this will help keep the breast elastic. Let us examine which gymnastics will be useful for the chest.
1. Bend your head back and to the side, at the same time straighten your shoulders, pull them back and lower them down.
2. Having bent a trunk back, pull the head to a floor, slightly inclining it to a shoulder.
3. Slowly raise the shoulders to the ears and also slowly lower them down.
4. Extend your arms tightly to the side, slowly lifting them up and down.
5. Separate hands, intensively rotating them.
6. Dissolve backward-extended arms.
7. Bend your arms in the elbows and press to the body, hands – on the shoulders. Strong movements lift them, unbending up and turning them to their former position. Then straighten to the side – the starting position, down – the starting position.
8. Brushes interlock with the back of the waist. After this, straighten and lower down.
9. Move your shoulders back and forth.
10. Connect the hands in front of the chest and press firmly on the palm.
11. Keep one bent arm at the waist, the other – lift up. Bend the torso in the direction of the bent arm.
12. Stretch your arms to the side and do the “mill” exercise. Then hold them behind your head, then tilt the body to the sides, back and forth.
To keep the breasts elastic, it is better to practice in the morning, between breakfast and lunch. After awakening you should not do gymnastics to preserve the elasticity of the chest. After all, the muscles are not fully awake, they are still in the process of rest. In the evening, the body is not ready for such a load. Also do not forget that such a physical culture should not take more than 30 minutes of your time, but each exercise at least eight times. After two exercises, you need to pause for two minutes. Chest should not be limited to a bra or tight shirts. Only such gymnastics can keep the chest elastic.
Tip number 3: self-massage
Self-massage is one of the most effective measures in order to keep the breast elastic. It should be done daily to achieve performance. This procedure takes no more than 15 minutes. You can perform such actions in three ways:
First, stroking. Hand easily and slowly need to carry out slow and careful movement in the direction from the sides to the center, without touching the tips of the nipples.
Secondly, warm up. The chest must be lifted and gently knead her fingers. The movements are like squeezing kneading dough.
Third, tapping should not hurt. Fingers lightly pat your chest, as if on the keys. And the edges of the palms need to pat on the large surface of the chest, as if penetrating into the muscle layer. Just do not hurt yourself!
Tip number 5: water treatments
One of the most useful methods will be water treatments, as water can have a beneficial effect on the chest. Cold fluid only increases blood flow, and this helps keep the breasts firm. This should be done three times a day. Tip: you need not only to take a bath, but also to perform certain procedures with the breast. So, a clean sponge must be immersed in water, slightly survived and wet the breast with it. The water temperature should be no higher than 16 degrees. At least a month every day, twice in the morning and in the evening, repeat such manipulations.
Irrigation will be equally effective. To do this, take a bottle with a spray bottle, from which it is necessary to irrigate the breast every morning. The water temperature should be about 17 degrees above zero. After that, wipe the breast with a linen towel, then rub your bust with a damp cloth with both hands. Change the towel to warm and dry, gently stroking their charms dry the chest. Thereby, repeated repetitions of this method will allow to keep the breast elastic.
All these tips must be observed every day, without departing from his secret desire – to keep the chest elastic. Believe me, literally in a couple of months your bust will be fit, elastic and incredibly beautiful.