Virologist Drosten warns that Germans could Corona-lead lose

You can see in the Video: a virologist Drosten warns – German could squander Corona lead.

The virologist Christian Drosten sees the danger that Germany playful previous successes in the Corona-containment and the Situation slipping away. He was sorry to see that the Germans are just going to lose might this lead completely. The head of Virology at the Charité hospital said on Wednesday in the NDR Podcast. Germany count in the international comparison of the most successful countries in the pandemic of poverty, because of the outbreak had been detected early.

Drosten criticized, the entire shopping malls were full of people, because the individual stores were in it less than 800 square meters. With a view to the requests that reached him, he warned also against “the individual interpretation”: “When all the start, the own Interpretation, to interpret freely, then start the chain in many places in Germany, suddenly there is a new Infection.”

It wouldn’t be surprised if you come across the may and June suddenly in a Situation which one cannot control. There is then a lot more starting points for the Virus as of the beginning of the epidemic.