To have drunk without drinking alcohol?

It sounds like a Fake message, but no: There are people, in which alcohol-producing yeasts in the gut of life. These yeasts convert carbohydrates from food into alcohol, so that the typical failure get symptoms and driving erratically, without drinking alcohol. A 46-Year-old, was stopped by the police.

The man had six years previously due to a complicated thumb injury with antibiotics therapy. A week after that personality changes with depression, perceptual disturbances, and aggressive behavior, which for him was very uncharacteristic showed. The family doctor referred him to a psychiatrist.

One Morning he was stopped by the police because he was thought to be under the influence of alcohol. This he denied vehemently, and he didn’t like into the tube to blow. He was brought to the hospital, in which a significantly increased level of alcohol was detected. The statement, he didn’t drink anything, not believed him, of course.

Failed colonization of the intestine provides für auto-brewery syndrome

After his aunt had heard of a similar case from a clinic in Ohio, she bought a breathalyzer, which confirmed their suspicions. She persuaded her nephew to be treated. In his chair, were found in samples in addition to the normal intestinal flora finally, two yeast species, the alcohol produce. By a Test, in which the man carbohydrate-took-containing food, it could be confirmed that the alcohol content rise in his blood after the meal.

After a lengthy process of elimination of yeast from his gut by antifungals, probiotics and a low-carbohydrate diet he was able to, finally, of the “Self-Brauer-Syndrom” be cured.


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