Smart Shirt measures lung function

In the Netherlands, developed "Smart Shirt" can measure the lung function in that it registers movements in chest and abdomen. In comparison to conventional test devices, it works with sufficient accuracy, without the carrier to restrict their freedom of movement. Using the Shirts about patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) could be monitored remotely.

The Shirt, with the rise of breathing during everyday activities like stairs and the house work can measure through a mobile App, was presented at the international Congress of the European Respiratory Society. So far, the breathing of patients with COPD is reviewed in the clinic with special equipment, a face mask and a Computer, for day to day activities however, this is unsuitable.

Smart Shirts already, you can measure on the basis of the expansion during Breathing, the lung volume and to be used, for example, of professional athletes. Denise Mannée and colleagues have tested on 15 healthy volunteers, whether the Shirts represent a sufficiently accurate and practical Alternative for the measurement of lung function, by have you done with the Smart Shirt and the conventional method at the same time records. The comparison of the measurement results showed that the difference was in the average of 0.2 percent, which corresponds to a few Milli-liters of air. In the case of strenuous activities, the differences were slightly larger, for example, the difference in the dust-eyes was, on average, 3.1 percent, or about 40 ml.

The participants said the shirts were comfortable and could be worn under normal clothing. The researchers are now planning to perform similar Tests with Smart-Shirts in COPD patients, and we believe that the technology could also be other respiratory diseases such as Asthma, cystic fibrosis, or after a transplant helpful.


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