Movement prevents millions of deaths

Lack of physical activity leads to estimated that every year 3.2 million people die sooner. This common approach was learning British science too negative, and you have asked the question the other way around. According to their study, each year worldwide can be avoided at least 3.9 million premature deaths through Sport.

The Team is recognized in 168 countries, the proportion of the population that the recommendation of the world health organization of at least 150 minutes filled of moderate or 75 minutes of intense physical activity per week. This proportion varied considerably between countries, from 33 percent in Kuwait, 64 percent in the United Kingdom, up to 94 per cent in Mozambique, as the researchers in the journal "The Lancet Global Health" reports.

By the combination with the relative death rate for active and inactive people, they calculated that the number of premature deaths was due to physical activity worldwide on average 15 percent lower than they would have been without sports – what is the equivalent of per year to approximately 3.9 million lives saved.

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Despite significant differences in physical activity between the countries, the positive effect of Sport on life expectancy in the world was remarkably constant, and fraud in low-income countries, on average, 18 per cent in high-income countries, 14 percent.

The Team behind the study is of the opinion that we focus too often on the negative health consequences of too little physical activity, instead of the Use of Sport in the foreground: "We are accustomed to consider the disadvantages of a lack of physical activity, but if we focus on the number of lives saved, we can deliver a good message, and reports what has already been achieved wurde", Dr. Tessa Strain of the University of Cambridge said.