Is it unhealthy to eat cherries and drink after water?

In the summer, cherries have high season: Crisp and deep red, there are the fruits now on every week of the market, or in the case of smaller stalls. As a seasonal Fruit-cherries have a distinct advantage: they usually have no long transport routes and are locally grown.

Just in time for the Start of the cherry season is a widespread warning about the red fruit is circulating again. You is: Who drinks after eating Cherries water, gets abdominal pain. This wisdom dates back to grandmother’s time and continues to persist. But it true at all?

Yeasts and bacteria on the shell

A nutrition expert at the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern has taken the myth of the closer under the microscope and explains why older warn people today before the combination: “to blame for this myth, the sooner hygienic is probably not proper drinking water,” says Silke Noll, in a communication to the consumer. “The germs in the drinking water could be used, together with yeasts and bacteria on the shell to a sugar fermentation in the stomach and thereby sick to my stomach to have caused.”

Since the drinking water is now of very good quality, can be regarded the advice as outdated. The expert recommends to wash cherries before eating extensively. Possible germs or dirt residues can be removed from the tray. A glass of water after eating Cherries must resist, however, no one.

It is not the first kitchen wisdom, which is due to improved hygiene or to the technical possibilities as outdated. The Council will also, spinach does not warm up again, is not as durable. He comes from times when there were no refrigerators, and the spinach had to be stored at room temperature. Microorganisms in the spinach contained nitrate converted in critical nitrite. Nitrite can react in conjunction with proteins to harmful nitrosamines. These are considered to be carcinogenic.

Today, the recommendation is to let the spinach after cooking, cool quickly, place it in the fridge and to heat a maximum of once is.

Source: Verbraucherzentrale Bayern

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