I'm Obsessed With These De-Puffing Eye Patches—and They're on Sale

Anyone who stares at a screen all day knows that eye strain is real, but it’s hard to avoid in most office jobs—so what are you to do? I personally reach for eye patches when I’m seeking some relief, especially after a long night, or a flight when my puffy under eyes need some TLC.

My go-to: Talika Eye Therapy Patches (regularly $59 for 6 patches; dermstore.com). The easy-to-apply patches are packed with skin-loving ingredients like ceramides and plant oils, both of which are intensely hydrating for delicate under eye skin. That area is especially prone to dryness, and fine lines become more accentuated when skin is dry, which can lead to dreaded concealer crease. Bonus: The set is on sale during Dermstore’s Annual Sale, bringing the price down to $45.

To buy: $45 with code “BIRTHDAY”; dermstore.com

This particular set comes with a travel case, making it super easy to throw in my bag when I’m on-the-go. And because the patches are reusable up to three times—you can rinse them with water after each use—it makes storing them a breeze. When it’s time to apply, make sure skin is clean and then simply peel the backing off of one and apply it starting with the narrow side near the inner corner of your eye. Work your way outwards, pressing down the whole time so it stays in place, then repeat on the other side.

I like to leave the patches on while I do something else, because I honestly forget that they’re even there. After about 15 to 30 minutes, I’ll remove them and put them back in their case. The result: brighter, plump—not puffy—under eyes. My favorite time to use them in the morning while I apply the rest of my makeup; they act as a great primer, helping concealer go on seamlessly, and double as a shield to catch any fallout from my eye shadow and mascara.

All this has helped to make them a staple in celebrity makeup artists’ kits, such as Lydia Sellers (who works with Meghan Markle) and Jamie Greenberg (her clients include Kaley Cuoco and Tracee Ellis Ross).

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