Chris Hemsworth: I Never Said Avengers: Endgame Is My Last Time As Thor

The most talked-about Marvel movie is finally out, and it’s not just the superhero crowd that makes it extra special but also the fact that many of the MCU stars will be retiring through this film. The question applies to Chris Hemsworth too who plays the God of Thunder aka Thor in the action-packed science fiction series.

It doesn’t seem like Hemsworth is in a mood to give any hints about his character’s future in Marvel Cinematic Universe as he gave an ambiguous answer when inquired about the same. Precisely this is what he said – “who knows the future? I have no idea when is it going to be the retirement day for Thor. There could be sequels, remakes, prequels – I don’t know”. Considering his vague reply, we don’t think it’s the time for Thor or Hemsworth to bid farewell from the world of superheroes yet.

So far, the actor has played the Asgardian in seven movies which started in 2011 after which the character became synonymous with the star’s name.

On his experience about being cast by Marvel, Hemsworth considers himself as lucky as any other star would have, given the opportunities it brings along. However, the one thing that he considers the most special is the bond that he developed with the other cast members. For him, they were much more than just colleagues whom he referred to as ‘family’.

Calling it an opportunity of a lifetime, he certainly felt emotional about being a part of the whole Avengers franchise which holds a grandeur that cannot be matched any time soon. Though anyone can go on talking about how they feel about the whole project, which was exceptional for everyone in different ways, something which is common is the feeling of gratitude. On that note – we truly hope Hemsworth reprises Thor in many more movies to come!

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