Cannabis: Higher risk for heart problems

An evaluation of studies, the disease is a connection between the heart and the use of marijuana to examine, shows that patients at risk for heart problems should not take marijuana or the consumption as much as possible to minimize until further study results are available.

In more and more States, marijuana is allowed to be private and used for medical purposes. Cardiologists see it as a risk for patients with heart disease: "Some observational studies suggest an Association between marijuana and a number of cardiovascular risks hin", Dr. Muthiah Vaduganathan from Boston said. "Even if there are only a few instructions are sufficient data available, which suggest that particularly patients with myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias or congestive heart failure with the use of marijuana caution should be."

Cannabis verächanged the effect of drugs

Certain cardiovascular drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs and blood thinners can change in their effect by the use of marijuana: for example, cholesterol can act-lowering statins and some blood-thinner, stronger, if they are taken with marijuana. "We know that marijuana the pharmacological effects of the drug verstärkt", Vaduganathan said. Especially when "Dampfen" certain synthetic forms of cannabinoids is suspected, the effects of marijuana more than.

The experts recommend that heart patients, the marijuana still want to consume, or medical reasons, the use of restrict as far as possible.

At the moment there are not yet many studies on the health effects of marijuana on the cardiovascular System, because the use was for a long time illegally, which has limited the possibility of research. Vaduganathan says: "Now, where we find that marijuana is similar to popular tobacco Smoking, we need high quality studies to examine the effects of marijuana on the cardiovascular health."