A Researcher Needs 3,600 Dick Pics for a New Study. Yes, Really.

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Guys, here’s a way to send dick pics without getting blacklisted from someone’s contact list. A Missouri State University professor is seeking at least 3,600 penis photos for a research project about how the size of a guy’s privates impacts every aspect of his life, Springfield News Leader reports.

Sociology professor Alicia Walker started the project in June and hopes to determine how a guy’s perception of his manhood impacts sex life, self-esteem, romantic relationships, and mental health. In addition to completing an online survey, participants need to send penis measurements (while flaccid and erect) and upload photos to verify size, according to the study website. Guys can also participate in an optional interview with Walker to provide further insight.

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All subjects must be at least 22 years old, live in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada, and be comfortable with the study, the professor’s assistant explained in a Reddit post. Walker hopes to finish the project by the end of summer. (MensHealth.com reached out to Walker for more information, and will update the story if and when we hear back.)

So far, Walker said the biggest surprise is how many men underestimate their size.

“It’s shocking,” she told the Springfield News-Leader. “I can’t tell you how many people submit measurements and believe they are average, but they are above average.”

For reference, the average erect penis stands 5.2 inches tall and measures 4.6 inches in circumference.

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Of course, Walker has gotten more than a few laughs about the study.

“A lot of people are making fun of this,” she explained to the Springfield News-Leader. “They think it’s funny.”

But she warns that penis size is a source of anxiety for many guys and needs to be taken seriously. “Some of them actually attempted suicide,” she said.

The university confirmed to the paper that Walker’s study met the board’s requirements for a legitimate research project, however it is not funded by the university or any governmental institute.

So, if you’d like to contribute to science and satisfy the urge to share images of your junk, check out Walker’s project for more details.

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