Work Out The Perfect Crystal For You

There’s something seemingly Stone Age going on. The latest in a series of spiritual wellness fads, rocks are now land sliding their way into the mainstream. Yes, rocks. But we’re not talking about just any stone or pebble- rather, exotically named, brightly coloured and Kryptonite-esque crystals (though these will actually give you strength, not take it away).

Rose Quartz

What: “Rose quartz is the strongest stone for creating harmony in relationships with family, friends and lovers,” says Jessica Seaman, founder of luxury candle brand Lara Quin. Intuitive healer Emmy-Lou Knowles adds, “It’s also good for your skin. [Some] practitioners of Chinese medicine believe spots are caused by fears. Rose quartz helps to ease emotions.”

How: “Balance it on chakra points (your chest above the heart, on your throat and on the crown of your head), or put it under your pillow so it radiates through while you’re sleeping,” suggests Knowles. Alternatively, wear the stone in a necklace.


What: Feeling a little off kilter? The spiked star clusters of aragonite will balance you out. “Because of their form, the rocks can radiate energy in all directions,” says author Laurey Simmons. She also recommends aragonite for its calming properties. “It can help support compassionate communication, self- expression and meditation.” So you can squash stress and boost your inner Zen.

How: For positive energy in the home, give aragonite pride of place in your living room, or if you have a meeting or presentation you’re nervous about, keep a piece of the stone in your pocket. No worries.

M E T A P H Y S I C A L M O N D A Y : Aragonite . . . Well, mercury is officially in retrograde. To help me get through the next few weeks until the astrological world takes a chill pill, I’ll be keeping my aragonite close by. . . . Aragonite is an incredibly powerful stone for healing, grounding, and balancing the emotional body. It can help you find serenity in the midst of chaos (hello holidays!), and keep you feeling emotionally solid. . . . Their magnificent, starry clusters can help facilitate adventure and exploration, and are wonderful tools to help overcome fear. Because of their form, they radiate energy in many different directions creating a web of light. Once you are enveloped by this web, you will feel a sense of peace and release as the energy simulates the healing of any energetic blockages. . . . Because aragonite is helpful in grounding light energy into the most dense aspects of our physical selves, they have been known to help the regeneration of bone tissues and broken bones. . . . I just wanted to note that all of the minerals in my Metaphysical Monday posts are from my personal collection, beautifully photographed by my dear friend, @lizbretz. While all of these stones strongly resonate with me in the physical form, I also reap their benefits by simply looking at their picture. There’re a few crystals that I always carry with me (clear quartz, smokey quartz), but whenever I need to feel the magic of the others, simply looking at an image transports their magic straight into my heart. Take some photos of your crystal collection, no matter how big or small it may be, and give it a try…you might be pleasantly surprised 😉 . . . Crystal Blessings, Love, and Light to you all! XOXO, Mazz

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What: It’s a meditative and calming stone that’s meant to promote balance and peace, along with emotional stability and inner strength. “Amethyst is good for treating insomnia and grief, as it neutralises negative energy,” says Knowles. “It also softens the nervous system.” Bye-bye, tension.

How: “Just holding the stone is enough to act as a soothing emotional pick-me-up,” says Knowles. If you’re after sweet dreams, place amethyst on your bedside table. “It’ll bring peace to your sleep,” says Simmons.

Black Tourmaline

What: Worried about what your technology addiction might be doing to your health? According to Simmons, black tourmaline can guard you from “electric smog” (aka the electromagnetic radiation emitted by your mobile and wifi) and ward off negative energies from your home. “Crystals transmit signals all the time,” says Knowles. “These effectively create a barrier between you and man-made technological energy.”

How: Put a stone on your desk or next to your phone or computer to maximise its benefits. Or put it by the door to halt negativity before it has a chance to wipe its feet and come inside.


What: “Moonstone is a mothering, nurturing stone,” explains Seaman. “It’s good for new beginnings, relaxation and helping you tune into your psychic abilities. It’s also a great healer during pregnancy.”

How: Seaman and Knowles both recommend wearing the gemstone, so you have its energy directly against your skin.

This article originally appeared in the November’s issue of Australian Women’s Health 2017.

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