What Your Eyebrows Say About Your Personality, According To Science

Well groomed eyebrows are usually a major sign you have your sh*t together (or at least a seriously legit beauty routine). But according to findings from a recent study, they can also be an indicator of narcissism personality disorder. 

The study – published in the Journal of Personality – found that eyebrows say a lot about our personality and psyche. 

Study authors Miranda Giacomin and Nicholas Rule took photographs of participants’ faces cropped just on the brows and compared the different qualities of their caterpillars (like grooming, distinctiveness and femininity) to the participants’ self-reported levels of narcissism. 

They found that those with distinctively well groomed, thick eyebrows typically scored higher on the grandiose narcissism scale. 

Due to the role of eyebrows in facilitating facial recognition, it’s thought that larger, more ‘perfect’ brows allow narcissists to be more easily recognised, which fulfils their desire to be remembered and liked by others, and to be aesthetically unique and recognisable.

It’s not all bad though – the grandiose form of narcissism is where the individual has a more flamboyant, assertive and interpersonally dominant personality style, which can be valuable traits.

Aside from perfect brows, other indicators of narcissism include hypersensitivity, obsessively talking about oneself, and a severe lack of empathy. 

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