Tenerife travel advice: Is it safe to go to Tenerife amid coronavirus outbreak? FCO latest

The H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel, Adeje, is on lockdown and its 1,000 guests and staff are stuck inside after an outbreak of the coronavirus COVID 19. If you have a trip booked to the island, you might be feeling worried. Is it safe to go to Tenerife amid coronavirus outbreak?

How did coronavirus get to Tenerife?

An Italian doctor and his wife, reportedly from the badly-affected Lombardy region, were staying at the hotel.

The couple were transferred to Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria University Hospital, and both tested positive for the virus.

Two other Italians, who they travelled to the island with in a group of 10, have also been quarantined in the same hospital after testing positive.


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What is happening at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel in Tenerife?

The hotel is on lockdown with 1,000 tourists and members of staff inside.

Guests who checked in on Monday, who could not have had any contact with the Italian couple, were free to leave today.

The remaining guests and workers will be monitored individually, and those with symptoms must remain in their rooms to prevent potential spreading of the virus.

If guests test positive, they will be transferred to hospital.

Those who aren’t showing symptoms are allowed to leave their rooms and roam the hotel freely with face masks on, but must not leave the hotel.

The medical team will remain in the hotel – where about 30 British people are inside – 24/7.

How has coronavirus affected Tenerife?

Since the weekend, coronavirus cases in Spain have risen from none to seven.

There are four cases in Tenerife, one in Barcelona, one in Castellon, and one in Madrid.

It is believed that five are Italian and the other two are from Spain but have just returned from Italy – the country where 11 have died from the virus so far.

There is the concern that dozens of carriers who may have caught the virus in the Tenerife hotel have already returned the UK.
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Is it safe to travel to Tenerife amid coronavirus?

The H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel will be closing until 15th March.

If you have booked to stay at the hotel before then, a spokesperson for the hotel has stated you will be diverted to other hotels in the same group in Tenerife.

The association of hoteliers on Tenerife and other Canary Islands, is asking people to remain calm since necessary and effective protocols are in effect.

It is believed to be safe to visit the rest of the island, and a TUI UK spokesperson has assured: “Our holiday programme to Tenerife continues to operate as planned for all other hotels.”

Similarly, a spokesperson for Jet2holidays confirmed: “In line with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice, our flying programme remains unchanged.”

How do I protect myself against coronavirus when travelling?

Medical professions have advised that if you are going to travel during this time, you need to wash your hands as often as you can with soap and antibacterial gel.

Avoid getting close people who have symptoms not unlike the common cold, and if you cough or sneeze you must catch it in a tissue and bin it immediately.

If you don’t have a tissue, it’s best to sneeze into the crook of your elbow.

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