Study Reveals The Age When You Feel Most Body Confident

We often reminisce about years gone by when we were skinnier/glowier/ab-ier and took it all for granted. But let’s be honest, what that flattering Schoolies snap isn’t showing is the crippling self doubt and body image issues going on inside our heads.

Yep, there’s no denying that confidence grows with every candle on the birthday cake, even as our crows feet grow more defined. This is reflected in the results of a new study, which revealed the age that most women feel happiest in their skin. It’s the big 5-0.

Lifetime Daily surveyed more than 1,000 Americans and found that people in their 50s are the most body-positive demographic. More than 15 percent of those in their 50s reported they were extremely body confident, this was followed by people in their 30s (12.1%), 20s (11.9%) and 60s (11.1%), with confidence taking a dive amongst 40-year-olds (9.2%). 

The backs up a previous survey by fashion retailer M&Co, which found that women who were most comfortable in their swimwear were 65-74 year olds. They found that 51% of this age demographic said they had more important things to worry about than their dream bikini body. 

That’s an attitude we should definitely be adopting earlier on!

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