Spahn emphasized the common goal of

An area-wide supply of medicinal products is the declared aim of the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn. This, he stressed on his speech at the Apothekertag 2019, in Düsseldorf. And this is also the objective of the "On-Site Pharmacies Stärkungsgesetz" (VOASG), he has brought on the way.

To stressed at the beginning of his speech before the Delegate Spahn, the similarities with the pharmacists: "We are agreed on the aim." By this, he meant that a common understanding exists that not everything can stay the way it is. Especially in terms of digitization, it is no longer a question, whether is the pharmacist to be involved in this, but only in what Form. The E-prescription belong, according to Spahn in the same way as the electronic patient file. The pharmacists want to help shape this Happen, what are the delegates to this Apothekertag stressed several times. This is according to Spahn also important, because American corporations and Chinese state-owned companies have invested currently, billions of in the E-Health area. "These groups have a completely different understanding of data protection as the rest of our country."

In addition to this basic agreement there are differences, however, because not all pharmacists are equally satisfied with the proposed arrangements of the VOASG. Especially on the question of the price of prescription drugs recovered, which had lifted the European court of justice judgment in the year 2016, there are various approaches to a solution. The mail-order pharmacies from other European countries benefit from this judgment, German pharmacies were to See.

Many pharmacists see a prohibition on the Shipment of prescription drugs as the only way the price to restore justice. The Minister from Europe rejects concerns categorically. He goes with his legislative initiative another way. The VOASG to write the prices for prescription drugs, which get Insured in the statutory health insurance funds, fixed. In the case of privately Insured patients, the current arrangements would remain, however. In addition, the proposed law is intended to enable pharmacists, in the future, for example, pharmaceutical services, the health insurance companies settle accounts. The delegates to the pharmacist the tags were at the end of it by a large majority, to support Spahns legislative initiative.


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