Scientists answer whether the popular CBD oil trend is legitimate (and legal)

Popular culture has crowned CBD oil the new miracle cure for all sorts of ailments — including anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain — but the additive has also been found in consumables ranging from lattes to face creams, begging the question: What is CBD oil? And is it legal?

In the Know investigates the new CBD trend, and what scientists think of it, in the video above. 

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CBD, which is different from THC, is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. While there have been extensive studies conducted on how THC interacts with the human body, research into what happens when someone ingests CBD is inconclusive — which makes its legal status a gray area in most states.

What scientists can confidently conclude is that CBD attaches to receptors in the body that influence anxiety and pain, and most people do report feeling better after taking CBD.

But, again, the hard medical evidence supporting what CBD can do is not concrete.

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The lack of science behind CBD makes deeming it a legal substance a little tricky. Three states — Idaho, South Dakota and Nebraska — have challenged legalizing CBD, even for medical purposes, because of how little information there is.

Despite the ambiguity, people swear by CBD’s properties. If you are worried about the effects and whether its legal in your area, In the Know recommends consulting your doctor first.

Watch the video above to learn more about CBD.

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