Pregnant Hilary Duff Ate This And People Are Freaking Out

Along with morning sickness, swollen feet and huge boobs, pregnancy comes with a ton of guidelines regarding what you can and can’t eat (cya, soft cheese!) While it’s usually up to the individual’s discretion whether or not they indulge on occasion (within reason, of course), for Hilary Duff it’s apparently non-negotiable.

The 30-year-old, who is expecting her second child with boyfriend Matthew Koma, sparked public outrage over the weekend after she shared an Instagram video of herself within sniff-distance of sushi. 

“Had the dreamiest of nights with this babe @tomoko_spa +@moflo1 woooow weeee #couplesmassage lol #tomokospa,” she captioned the clip of herself and a pal raising a toast.

And although we can’t be sure if she ever consumed any raw fish, trolls still felt the need to scold her for putting her unborn baby at risk. 

“Veggie-only sushi I hope. No sushi while pregnant,” one user commented. “Wait, sushi when you’re pregnant?” another added. 

Many of her fans defended her, pointing out that she was likely well-aware that pregnant women are more at risk of food poisoning. 

“I’m sure she’s smart enough to know what she can and can’t eat,” one commenter responded. “It’s not like she is dumb or pregnant for the first time ever.”

For the record, not all sushi is off-limits when you’re expecting. Food Standards Australia New Zealand advise the following: “Fish that may contain high levels of mercury – no more than one serve (100g cooked) per fortnight of shark/flake, marlin or broadbill/ swordfish, and no other fish that fortnight, or one serve (100g cooked) per week of orange roughy (deep sea perch) or catfish and no other fish that week.” 

But in any case, what Hilary (or any other pregnant woman) wants to chow down on is entirely up to her. So, here’s hoping fans let her enjoy the next few months in peace.

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