Parkinson’s disease warning: The hidden sign in your posture – do you stand like this?

Parkinson’s disease is a condition that damages the brain over a long period of time, said the NHS. It’s caused by a loss of nerve cells in a specific part of the brain. The cells are used to transmit messages from the brain to the nervous system. Parkinson’s symptoms tend to develop slowly over a long period of time, and only appear as mild at first. You could be at risk of the brain condition if you have a hunched posture, it’s been claimed.

Small changes in a person’s movements and behaviour can signal the onset of Parkinson’s disease

Medical News Today

Parkinson’s disease patients may develop slight changes to their posture, according to medical website Medical News Today.

Patients tend to stoop over, or have a hunch, which is caused by muscle rigidity, it said.

You could be at risk of the condition if you suddenly find yourself bending forward when standing up straight.

“Small changes in a person’s movements and behaviour can signal the onset of Parkinson’s disease before diagnosis,” said the medical website.

“If someone notices symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, they should consider contacting their doctor for more information.

“People who have Parkinson’s disease may notice changes in their posture due to other symptoms of the disease, such as muscle rigidity.

“People naturally stand so that their weight is evenly distributed over their feet.

“However, people who have Parkinson’s disease may start bending forward, making them appear hunched or stooped over.”

You could also be at risk of the condition if you notice subtle changes to your voice, it added.

Patients could start speaking in a softer tone, or they may be speaking normally, quickly followed by a faded voice.

Some other patients may lose the usual variation in their voice, and could become very monotone.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s

One in every 500 people has Parkinson’s. It is a progressive neurological condition, that limits movement. Here are the most common signs and symptoms.

Tremor – One of the most noticeable signs of Parkinson’s is a tremor that often starts in the hands or fingers when they are relaxed

More common Parkinson’s disease symptoms include tremors, muscle stiffness and slow movement.

Most patients start to develop their signs after turning 50 years old, and men are more at risk than women.

Speak to a GP if you’re worried about the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, said the NHS.

They may ask you about your symptoms, and could refer you to a specialist for further tests.

There are about 127,000 people in the UK with Parkinson’s disease – the equivalent to about one in 500 people.

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