Lorna Jane's Top 3 Tips To Leading A Healthier Life

We are busier than ever before and someone who knows exactly how to make health a priority is Lorna Jane Clarkson founder of the activewear empire Lorna Jane. Lorna shared with us her secret tips to leading a healthy life.


We are all busy and let’s be honest not many of us are able to spend hours working out every day. Lorna tries to make moving a priority – it doesn’t mean running a marathon or spending three hours at the gym, it could be as much as walking the dog or getting outdoors on your lunch break. Most importantly Lorna believes that exercise should be something that you enjoy – it’s not a chore you should try to “find a workout you love.”


Lorna understands that we are all human, we aren’t able to eat a perfectly nutritious diet everyday but she says that by setting individual daily goals you are accountable and more likely to achieve your goals. For example drinking lots of water one day and clean eating the next. 

"Lay Out Your Activewear The Night Before – It Sounds Crazy But You Will Thank Me Later"


Each day set intention about what you want to achieve, it only takes a couple of minutes but it will give you the right mindset to make the most from your day. But be understanding we aren’t all able to achieve the impossible every day. 

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