Katherine Heigl Opens Up About The Complications She Endured During Her Caesarean

It’s been a year since she welcomed her son Joshua to the world. But Hollywood actress Katherine Heigl is still haunted by his difficult birth.

Taking to Instagram, the Grey’s Anatomy star revealed that the newborn wasn’t breathing when he was delivered via C-section. 

“At 9am one year ago today I had @joshbkelley take this photo of me so I could remember how Incredibly pregnant I was right before we left for the hospital and my 12pm scheduled caesarean,” she began the lengthy post.

“Joshua Jr had been in the breech position for over a month and had still not moved an inch a week before his due date so I made the decision to have a caesarean.”

The 39-year-old admitted that she was “nervous” and “a little scared” to go under the knife, having never been hospitalised before.

“I had no idea what to expect,” she continued. “They numbed me up, gave me some morphine and opened me up.”

Straight away Katherine knew something was very wrong. 

“My doctor struggled to get him out because he was really wedged in there and not quite ready to leave the womb,” she recalled. 

“When she finally pulled him out at exactly 12:33pm he didn’t start breathing and they worked quickly to get oxygen in him and start his tiny lungs.”

“@joshbkelley was standing with them when he finally took his breath.”

“That day, as I slowly came out of the morphine haze and clutched my tiny man to me I thanked the heavens for his breath, his life and for making me a mother three times over. He was so fragile and new and tiny and tender… I thought the moment would last forever.”

12-months down the track, Joshua is the picture of health.  

“A whole year later and it’s only the photos that remind me my brute of a boy was ever so new and small!” she penned. “Now he’s 26 pounds of rolling, grasping, giggling, shouting, curious, jolly energy! He is everything and more that I could have hoped for and he has brought our family even more joy, love, laughter, abundance, bliss and yes, exhaustion and exasperation too!”

Joshua is Katherine and her singer husband Josh Kelley’s third child. They previously adopted two daughters: Naleigh, 8, and Adalaide, 4.

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