High blood pressure: In a red wine contained in the molecule lowers blood pressure

Can protect the consumption of red wine in front of high blood pressure?

Researchers found out that red wine contained in the molecule causes a drop in blood pressure, which could be extremely helpful for disorders in the control of heart and circulation.

In the current study of the King’s College London has found that red wine contains a specific molecule, which protects against heart and circulatory diseases. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Circulation”.

You can preserve the consumption of Rotwei us from high blood pressure and related diseases? (Image: Syda Productions/fotolia.com)

High blood pressure can lead to deadly diseases

Many people have problems with high blood pressure. If left untreated, high blood pressure diseases the risk for cardiovascular disease, including stroke and heart attack, substantially increase. High blood pressure is also associated with an increased risk for vascular dementia.

What is Resveratrol?

As a Resveratrol well-known molecule is a compound that is produced from the peel of certain fruits for self-defense against insects, bacteria and fungi. Grapes and red wine are known to contain the above-mentioned compound. In the study, the researchers gave mice with induced hypertension is a dose of Resveratrol, thus increasing the blood of the animals blood vessels relaxed and blood pressure dropped. In the case of Trying to muscle cells from human blood vessels, the same effect could be observed. Currently, there are no blood pressure-lowering medicines, which make use of this way to treat. The results could thus contribute to the development of new effective drugs.

Discovery could lead to new class of blood pressure drugs

“We have found that oxidizing agents are not always the villain. Our research shows that a molecule that was once regarded as an antioxidant, its beneficial exercise effects due to Oxidation. We believe that many other so-called antioxidants may also act this way,“ explained study author Dr. Joseph Burgoyne, King’s College London in a press release. “Our work could lay the Foundation for it, that Resveratrol is chemically modified to improve its delivery to the body, or that new, more effective drugs are developed, which pursue the same path. In the future we could have a whole new class of blood pressure medications,“ adds the expert.

We should drink more red wine?

Unfortunately, we will not achieve the protective effect simply by the consumption of red wine. In order to obtain the Human equivalent dose of Resveratrol, you would have to drink every day for a impossible consumable high amount of red wine. This is not at all feasible and on the other hand, the attempt is not really advisable. The true value of the study is the surprising effect of Resveratrol, and thus the possibility of new blood pressure drugs, which act in a similar way. The results bring us closer to combating the health risk of high blood pressure one step. The Knowledge could be avoided in the future devastating strokes or heart help attacks to. Although you may buy Resveratrol supplements, is the best way your blood pressure under control, a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and taking your doctor prescribed drugs, stress the researchers. (as)