Health hazards: poultry meat, never wash with water!

In many recipes, poultry, we should rinse it before cooking with water. This is not only unnecessary, but even dangerous, warns the UK’s National Health Service.

Against Bacteria?

Infectious bacteria such as Campylobacter on raw poultry meat can be neither cold nor warm water rinse.

Why is Rinse dangerous?

When we fry abgespültes poultry, a spray of the grease-water mixture with the potentially contained in it germs of up to 50 cm through the air, and the pathogens get much better in our circulation, as if we let the Rinse stay.

Is Rinse always pointless?

No, it’s not. In the case of raw salads and vegetables, it is even necessary, adhering soil, and any residues of pesticides, etc. wash and/or abzubürsten, so as to eliminate poisons and germs. These pathogens are not getting in the vegetables.

Every second chicken, and more carries the pathogen in

In 2017, more than 50% of the chickens were infested in the German retail sector of Campylobacter, chicken meat, half of which is contaminated with dangerous diarrhea germs.

Diarrhea and intestinal infection

Campylobacter infects the stomach and intestines and causes severe diarrhea. Every year, up to 70,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with it officially.

How big is the risk to infect?

Even a small amount of the rod-shaped pathogen that can infect a people.

Why is Rinse dangerous?

When you Rinse off the pathogens are spread on the cutting Board, the work surface, the sink or the kitchen brush. There, they come not only with people but also with other foods in the contact, which is not often cooked – in contrast to the poultry.

Beware of immune weakness

For a healthy person with strong immunity to infection with Campylobacter is unpleasant; he must take plenty of fluids and minerals to replace. For small children, Pregnant women and old people, an infection with the pathogen, can in rare cases be fatal.

Polka dots instead of flush

If you want to clean the poultry before cooking, then blot it dry with a kitchen cloth and give it in the wash or throw away it. You can avoid it, to come up with the raw poultry in contact with the skin.

Freeze remove water

Throw away thawed the freezing water of the poultry and ensure that the end of cooking food so no contact. Here the pathogen.

Cooking instead of doing the dishes

Take your poultry well cooked. Then you need to have no fear of bacteria. In contrast to the warm water from the faucet, the temperature during cooking, Frying and baking are so high that the pathogen will die.

Eat without being sick

If you discard first, the raw poultry water and, secondly, the meat to be cooked, are driven by microbes almost impossible – Cambylobacter infections as well as dangerous diseases. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)