Diet is to blame for many deaths

People, who eat unhealthy, is detrimental to its health: Every second cardiovascular-related death in Europe could allow a better food selection avoid. The main risk factor is the low consumption of whole grain products.

The current meta-analysis, 2016 by a total of 4.3 million deaths were due to cardiovascular diseases due to 2.1 million (49.2 percent) of a bad diet. In Germany, there were 165,000 deaths, 46 percent of cardiovascular-related deaths.

As the main risk factor is the consumption of too little whole-grain products for 429.000 deaths in the study, followed by a diet without enough nuts and seeds (of 341 000 deaths), too little fruit (262.000 deaths), too much salt (is 251,000 deaths) and too little Omega-3 fatty acids (of 227,000 deaths). Between individual European countries, there were no significant differences: for example, in Israel and Spain every second, but only every third premature cardiovascular death diet been due. In Norway and Sweden the consumption of white flour instead of whole grain products was less in the foreground than rather the to low consumption of nuts and seeds.

Based on the current meta-analysis, Global Burden of Disease Study, a worldwide observational study, representative data on the burden of disease in 195 countries. The authors of the study led by Dr. Toni Meier from the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany analysed data from the WHO Europe Region, which includes the countries of Europe are also front and Central Asian States such as Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.