Defibrillators with false papers and sold: Now, the Ministry warns of risks

The Ministry of labour in Brandenburg warns of certain defibrillators. They are intended to be illegally marketed and safety risks.

Automated external defibrillators, short-AED, are placed in many Public places for emergency treatment. However, the Ministry of labour in Brandenburg, now warns against the use of certain devices. According to the Ministry, the models FA1 and HR1 of the brand, Telefunken, have been illegally marketed and fraught with security risks. The operator should replace the equipment urgently and replaced, advises the Ministry.

Since July of 2016, the devices have been sold by the Dutch manufacturer “Defiteq International BV” with fake certificates. In the EU a so-called CE is a mandatory marking, to guarantee the safety and functionality of devices. These have the models FA1 and HR1 never.

AEDs are intended for the emergency treatment of heart problems. In the event of a cardiac arrest can only help the helpers Concerned prior to the arrival of the emergency doctor, and so the chances of Survival of the Person increase. Because the sooner the treatment is begun, the higher you are.

So defibrillators can save lives

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