Completely useless: fury as kindergarten ban on snuff children

The Corona-pandemic keeps the world in breath. More than 12 million people were infected with the novel Coronavirus, 198.546 of them in Germany. The United States reported almost daily new record numbers.

Anger to Kita-ban-sniffing children

The exclusion of kindergarten children with minor symptoms of illness of the care trusts in North Rhine-Westphalia widespread criticism.

The Association of child and youth doctors have asked the Robert Koch-Institute, "Disease criteria that trigger a stay away from Kita, risk adjusted, and actionable to präzisieren", the speaker of the regional Association of North Rhine, Edwin Ackermann, the Deutsche Presse-Agentur in Düsseldorf reported.

The current arrangements will otherwise be "in the fall to a collapse of the parents and the unspeakable practice organization problems führen", the children’s doctor from Tönisvorst warned. "Children are completely useless running of the service." Similarly, the SPD said.

In a "Handout for the Kindertagesbetreuung" of the NRW Ministry for family Affairs says: "Children are generally allowed to be cared for, if you have symptoms of the disease. The type and severity of the disease symptoms are irrelevant."

Ackermann noted: "In the present practice of everyday life, we experience the child and youth doctors let partially grotesque Vera for Kita-bans – for example, stitches, running nose in the case of well-known grasses, mosquitoes, pollen Allergy, cough, known, and well-adjusted bronchial Asthma, itchy skin rashes due to sweat in case of known atopic dermatitis." It was the teachers can’t be blamed, because they ultimately had no room and could not assess whether the child in question is now relevant to sick or not. The education and science trade Union (GEW) highlights.

The help to the parents but barely and a burden to the practices, nevertheless, of a fee, said Ackermann. "A parent must now remain due to the ongoing nose work, the need for a "Incapacity For Work Certificate Kind" and must therefore seek a doctor’s practice." As a result, the mean: "A common cold leads to a multi-day Kita-ban and the child in question is experiencing is not a constant, but a constantly interrupted care in the nursery."

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