Busy Philipps Opens Up About How Diet Culture Impacted Her Health

Busy Philipps admits she didn’t know anything about health in her early twenties, saying she didn’t have a good basis for her relationship with food and diet. “I’m 43 and because of my age, I was heavily influenced by diet culture,” she tells Flow. “I had a lot of really weird ideas about the things that you should or shouldn’t eat and what are the healthiest things to eat and not eat. I wish, culturally, we had been different.”

But despite the times she grew up in, Philipps eventually discovered that movement was the key to her overall wellbeing. “My relationship with working out has definitely shaped and impacted my health,” she says. “The realization that moving my body was a great thing for not just my body, but also for my mind, hormones, and endorphins took me way too long to figure out. I often looked at working out in my 20s as a punishment, or a thing I had to do, and now I look at it as such a joy.”

One of the main reasons her outlook has changed is the fact that Philipps has found workouts that she likes and gets excited to do. “I spent a lot of time not listening to my body and listening to bad advice,” she admits. Now, she’s much more in tune with her body and achieves flow whenever she’s moving, meditating, in water, enjoying some alone time, or engaging with her two kids.

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