130,000 frontline NHS staff are yet to be fully vaccinated

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Figures released by the NHS yesterday showed almost 10 percent of the workforce had not been double jabbed.

Doctors are bracing for a “difficult” Christmas and New Year because of the increased threat of Omicron and staff shortages due to the virus.

Hospitals in parts of England with the highest infection rates have predicted a third of NHS staff could be off sick by January.

NHS staff risk losing their jobs if they are not double jabbed by April 1 next year.

Patricia Marquis, Royal College of Nursing director for England, said: “The vast majority of NHS nursing staff received the vaccine as soon as it was offered, having led the vaccination rollout and continuing to do so.”

An NHS spokesman said: “We have been clear that staff should get the life-saving Covid vaccinations to protect themselves, their loved ones and their patients – and the overwhelming majority have already done so.”

Meanwhile a separate poll by health union Unison found more than two-thirds of health staff say they have experienced burnout during the pandemic, and three in five feel overwhelmed.

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