Wonderwoman between Burn-out and old-age poverty

The new year is in front of the door, and the man begins with self-optimization-intentions: more sports, less Sweets. But, at the latest, in February, the spirit wanders and the body got stronger, we put our energy into a more original intent: a fair division of labor at home.

It’s been over 15 years that a woman said in an advertisement: “I run a very successful, small family business!” and you saw her Ironing, cleaning, cooking, and comfort the children. This Spot felt at that time to appreciation, today mothers smile only grew tired of it because over 70 percent of the women in Germany are employed, and the trend is rising. In the advertising shown, domestic work is the same and for the most part you stuck.

The mother is not only the CEO of your successful, small family business (here, the rise works without a quota system), but it’s in addition to their other, paid work, the majority of part-time, which complicates the opportunities for advancement there.

While there is in the boards of stock exchange companies, more men with the name Thomas or Michael as a women, it is reasonable to assume that more of Claudia’s and Julia’s than men write about the shopping list for the family – and in such a way that it agrees with the shelf Assembly in the supermarket (and the time window between the office and the nursery is barely a half-hour).

Welcome to the Board!

This mental burden that mothers continuously in the Form of thoughts, To-Do lists and multi-column calendars around with them, leads to the exhaustion of a Generation that Hour of your life is it anyway in the Rush.

We rely on the image of the family as a company, to get a grip on the Problem. Here’s what we could do in the new year:

The long-standing managing Director

  • appoint the partners at 1.1. to equal part of the commander-in-chief, is a works it into all business processes and outsource areas of it (otherwise she has no discharge and is a control freak),
  • to reconsider their previous claims and exercises the Downsizing: An Enrolment is not declared to be an act of state, and the earth continues to rotate, when the Christmas Stollen comes from the supermarket.

The new managing Director

  • works independently, assumes responsibility, and brings in new ideas,
  • does not need to be constantly reminded of his tasks and asks only in the induction phase, where its materials are

What families of the auto industry learn

But how does this work-sharing work in practice? The mother of three children, Laura devotes Cheerful the topic of mental load in your Blog and apply to home the so-called Shop Floor-method. The principle originates from the car industry, where the individual steps of production were noted on the ground. With the help of a plywood panel Laura has transferred Happily to the method of the following to your family:

  • A large Board in four columns and many rows under parts, in the first column are listed in categories such as household, Finance, children, holidays, birthdays, etc.
  • The second, third and fourth column Headings “To do”, “In progress” and “Done”.
  • All of the necessary tasks are written on Post-its and the categories assigned, then the family members are distributed and accordingly marked in color.
  • Each moves his pieces of paper, until you are at the end (hopefully) under “Done”.

Also, the couple Heidi and Christian One has given thought to how it lists the internal check of the mother and so the work is shared more equitably. Your company Easyfam developed an organizational tool consisting of:

  • a task Board with magnets, the repetitive weekly tasks are appropriate and
  • a bamboo figure per family member, in the completed to-week tasks to be attached to the pack but to-day tasks like “satchel” or “pet feed” reminds.

Both systems require a long-overdue Kick-off Meeting in which all members of the family, it is clear, what are the daily and weekly necessary.

Wonder Woman in the new settlement

But not only tasks will need to redistributed, but also claims to be screwed down. Even Wonder Woman would not manage to lead a household as a woman in the fifties – and to work in parallel. As we come to the fact that one engaged in a profession and at the same time fresh every day shopping and cooking, the children in a spotless home for school work help and the second cousin can knit wool scarf from self-felted?

It is the Legacy of our socialization, which bring us to such mistaken thoughts. The Generation Golf is characterized by the ideal of a mom that does not have to “work”, but the home in the new settlement, Mr-directional, while dad brings enough money home. Today, if both parents work for emancipated, but these images are still burned on your hard disk, the System crashes sooner or later:

  • The woman has never a break, it feels foreign to be determined, thinks for all and believes to be responsible for ensuring that it all goes well.
  • Since she’s a professional, part-time, she seeks confirmation in the domestic areas, but that their increased self-esteem by a self-tatted table decoration. That makes you dissatisfied.
  • As soon as it has because of their work, a guilty Conscience, she wants to make for their children, everything as perfect as possible.
  • The man feels financially responsible for the part-time salary of the often lower-paid women is just enough for Kita and Hort. He rarely works in a family-friendly business, and helps at home, but has the feeling to it of the partner is never right.

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Women are more than added to income earners

In order to enforce in Germany a small family business to a modern corporate culture, are urgently needed the following donations and pioneering signals from the state:

  • The splitting should be abolished. Women are degraded earners to secondary, and drives them into poverty in old age.
  • Wage differences must be offset by greater transparency. It is only when women receive equal pay entitled to, parents are free in their decision how to divide parents – and working hours – currently, the wage gap of 21 percent.
  • Pension justice: women in Germany, 53 % less pension than men. Thanks for kicking your career, the pension payer to pull of tomorrow, is therefore: old-age poverty. Not only in the family, the Care needs to be regulated, how to divide pension rights,-work must have a positive effect on the pension.
  • The childcare in schools needs to be reliable. Many families cobble together for the time from 13 o’clock an expensive, time-consuming and fault-prone System, the children are more stressed than a well thought-out school concept with spacious rooms and good staff. But Germany was least, only 4.2 percent of the gross domestic product for education, and is thus both below the average for the OECD and the EU countries.

Most families only need one thing: time. Children should be no problems, you must wegorganisieren continuously and Care work is important. If both Partner would work in the first few years with children for a maximum of 30 hours with full wage compensation, could be designed, the family finally live together. Both partners would have more time for themselves and their children, all would be more balanced and less likely to get sick.

And the Best part comes at the end: Who delivers in his small family business, the half of the Power, free finally has the capacity to grow professionally and to take on in society the other half of the Power.