How Kel Mitchell Has Been Helping Daughter Wisdom, 3, Curb Her Jealousy Surrounding New Baby

Kel Mitchell's got a full house — and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Amid his partnership with World Vision to encourage others to help families in need over the holiday season, the All That star and executive producer chats with PEOPLE about his upcoming MTV reality series Deliciousness and his new family of six that recently welcomed the addition of baby boy Honor Johari-Rice on Oct. 23.

"With a newborn, the sleeping schedule, you have to adjust to it!" says Mitchell, 42. "He likes to stay up at night. But he's been an awesome baby."

The Dancing with the Stars season 28 runner-up also shares 3-year-old daughter Wisdom with wife Asia Lee, and is dad to daughter Allure, 19, and son Lyric, 21, as well. And each of his children has taken to the new baby in their own ways, with Wisdom becoming a big sister for a first time.

"She's kinda getting used to it 'cause now it's like, 'Okay, I'm a big sister now. He's getting some of my attention. What's going on?' So we've been helping her get through that by her helping us," Mitchell says. "So it's like, 'This is for the baby — grab this for the baby.' She's been excited to do that."

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As for the seasoned older siblings, Allure and Lyric, "They're loving it," Mitchell tells PEOPLE, joking, "Now with the older ones, you have someone who can babysit, as well!"

And 'tis the season to really get into the spirit of helping others, making World Vision a perfect fit for Mitchell and his family. Every holiday season, the humanitarian organization offers a gift catalog where buyers can donate items (and animals!) for others in need, like school supplies, goats, chickens or even an alpaca. This year, says Mitchell, "They have emergency food kits during COVID, which is definitely very helpful during this time."

"It's also [a] teaching [moment] for kids, too, because as you know, I've worked with families for years, working with Nickelodeon, and so I think this is awesome to help kids see, 'Oh, I can help others,' " he adds.

Mitchell tells PEOPLE that he also encourages his little ones to "check up on your strong friends" and regularly ask members of their church, where he is a youth pastor, how they're doing.

"Calling one another [has] been a big thing for us, too, as far as giving back in the way of calling people and asking them if they need anything, if they need any help, especially our elders [who are] alone during this quarantine," he says. "We want to make sure that everyone is okay."

Alongside a tease about Deliciousness ("It's great for the holidays, 'cause it's all about food," he says of the "food fails"-focused reality series)," Mitchell reveals that he and his brood will be doing a Zoom call with extended family this Christmas, and are "watching a lot of family movies" lately as they ride out the pandemic together at home.

"We're seeing each other 24/7, so we're definitely being able to talk and share actual questions and find out more information about each other," he continues. "We've just been having fun. School — we've become their teachers now, playtime, and all that stuff. But yeah, we've been enjoying it! Finding the joy though it all — through the crisis."

Mitchell's favorite part about fatherhood, he tells PEOPLE, is simply watching his kids grow, "because every child is different and you have to spend time with them each individually and learn them."

"I think that's just awesome … how beautiful it is seeing them learn and navigate the journey through life," the Good Burger star adds. "I'm just happy God is allowing me to be their parent, because they're His children but it's just awesome that He left me with them."

Deliciousness, also starring Tiffani Thiessen, Angela Kinsey and Tim Chantarangsu, premieres Monday at 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. CT on MTV.

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