Amanda Stanton Defends 5½-Year-Old Daughter's Bathing-Suit Selfie Despite 'Sick People Out There'

Amanda Stanton doesn’t understand why there’s such a fuss over her daughter’s recent bathing-suit photo.

The Bachelor alum, 29, shared a mirror selfie that her 5½-year-old younger child, Charlie Emma, took in a floral two-piece swimsuit ahead of their beach day on Saturday.

While the mother of two thought the snapshot was sweet, many of her fans slammed the former reality star for sharing the image on her social media.

“I have 2 daughters 10 and 16. Lets teach confidence and body positivity without this type of an image … Amanda I like you girl but this is a bit too much,” one Instagram follower commented on the post.

Stanton was quick to respond, defending the photo and her daughter for taking it. “I don’t see how this isn’t teaching body positivity and confidence. If anything, I think it is!” said the former reality star, who is also mom to 7-year-old daughter Kinsley.

“And why I think it’s so cute. She is 5 and has a cute little belly and doesn’t even know it and feels confident in her swimsuit about to go to the beach,” she added.

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“I don’t get why everyone is making a huge deal of this post JUST because it’s a selfie rather than a parent posting a photo of their child in a swimsuit at the beach which I see all the time, you know?” Stanton continued.

Another user decided to point out that while the image may be “adorable,” there are many “predators” on the internet who would take advantage of it.

“Are you not worried about people sexualizing this photo or pedophiles/predators? I’m not judging and think it’s an adorable picture, just curious,” the user addressed Stanton.

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While Stanton understands concern over “sick people” seeing her daughters on social media, she insists that she makes sure to protect her kids at all costs and won’t let anyone scare her away from sharing a sweet moment.

“I get what you’re saying but I can’t control what a sick person might be thinking. We were at the beach today and there were kids running around naked, people post photos of their kids in the bath or at the pool etc.,” Stanton responded.

“I understand there are sick people out there and I do everything in my power to protect my kids and keep them safe but I can’t let it take over my life to the point where I’m scared to post a cute photo [of] them in a bathing suit,” she continued.

Amid the backlash, many fans rallied around Stanton, supporting her in the comments for her decision to share the  picture in the first place.

“So according to the comments, every parent should live their lives around the potential creeps out there? She’s a child going to the beach. If you turn it into something more, maybe you’re the one with the issue!” one user wrote.


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Stanton previously fought off criticism when mom-shamers came after her for letting her daughter Kinsley get highlights, and told followers that everyone has a right to approach parenting in their own way.

“Of course I got some messages saying she’s too young etc. … but I got a lot more saying ‘I’m so glad you let her and didn’t care what anyone negative had to say,’ ” Stanton said at the time about letting Kinsley dye her hair.

“So, moral of the story is not everyone is going to agree with everything you do … & that’s okay!” she added. “We all are entitled to our own decisions and opinions and thoughts on parenting etc and not everyone is going to agree with you and that’s OKAY.”

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