Wellness Central: Viome Acquires Personalized Nutrition Service Habit

Health-care business Viome is buying Habit, which provides personalized nutrition information, from Campbell Soup Co.
The purchase price was not disclosed.
Habit's customers take an at-home test that aims to determine how their bodies process different foods, like carbs, fat or protein. Then the company creates a customized nutrition plan based on those results. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Campbell invested in Habit in 2016.
The business' customized service mimics many offerings in the beauty and wellness space — customized vitamins, for example, are available through Care/of, and personalized shampoos and conditioners are available via Function of Beauty.
Viome analyzes the microbiome of the gut down to the molecular level — and is expecting the acquisition of Habit to help it give consumers even more information about what is going on in their bodies, to provide recommendations related to whole-body health.
“With Habit now part of Viome, we have the perfect articulation of personalized health,” said Viome founder and chief executive officer Naveen Jain. “Combined with Viome’s deep insights from the microbiome, we are able to see the complete story our body is telling us about our overall health.”
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