Dentists warn of active carbon cream

The advertising sounds promising: activated carbon in dental creams and powders to absorb the plaque and the teeth so white. This is supposedly much gentler than other whitening creams, the discoloration, sanding, and so also the protective enamel can attack. The black Paste meets customers ‘ more and more often in drug stores and pharmacies, even in Germany. In social networks many of the Influencers swear by them. A Tube usually costs between 3 and 30 euros.

The promises were nothing more than a publicity stunt, to say against British dentists in the journal “British Dental Journal”. There is no scientific evidence that activated charcoal’d brighten the teeth. Many of the products could damage the teeth even, because they do not offer sufficient protection against tooth decay.

“Don’t believe the Hype”

For your evaluation, the dentists have grouped together all the known findings of previous studies. In the largest analysis to the year 2017 50 black tooth creams had been tested. Almost all promising to whiten your teeth. Many of the advertised in addition, in order to conserve the teeth, to detoxify, to have antibacterial and antiseptic – all in a particularly environmentally-friendly, natural, organic.

Scientifically not occupied so far, to criticize the dentists. Activated carbon can have a disinfecting effect, but whether this also applies when brushing your teeth, is unclear. Finally, the carbon is cleaned away completely. Who wants to be with black teeth seen?

Only four of the investigated products contained fluoride. The trace element ensures that toothpaste protects against caries and has significantly more than brushing your teeth. Recently, dentists requested even, to double the fluoride content in Kids toothpaste. It has, however, a persistent rumor, the substance could make you sick. Some of the alleged Ökozahncremes therefore not be used. To poison themselves with fluoride, would need to people, however, large amounts of toothpaste, food, and over a long period of time. (Read more about it here.)

In the long term, the Coal toothpaste could increase because of the low fluoride content, the risk of Caries considerably, and warn the dentists. In addition, all black toothpastes did not contain long activated carbon, but carbon black or dyes.

Supporters of the coal dental care to argue, even the ancient Egyptians would have been cleaned with carbon teeth and less tooth decay. The latter, however, likely to be due to the fact that they ate less sugar than most of the people today. Also, in some developing countries, people are rubbing their hands with charcoal to clean your teeth with it. This is certainly better than no dental care, argue dentists. Modern toothpastes but provided a much better protection.

“Don’t believe the Hype,” said Damien Walmsley of the British Dental Association who was not involved in the study, the BBC. Regular tooth brushing may bring a better effect than the carbon paste.