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At the University of Bielefeld great excitement because of the Masturbation Workshops for women prevailed recently. Nationwide, the media reported about the planned “möseale ejaculation”, and, above all, conservative students were outraged. I, too, am outraged, but for other reason: With the self-satisfaction of women should not really start at the Uni!

The center of female pleasure should be already part of the school education teaching. Perhaps the so-called orgasm gap would finally close in 2017, a survey of the science journalist Christoph Drösser, together with the opinion research Institute YouGov, 59 percent of men in the Sex, always come to orgasm, but only 21 percent of the women showed.

The reasons for this orgasm gap are diverse: 36 percent of women said that they were blocked “on the inside”, 25 percent said: “My Partner’s not doing the right things” and 20 percent complained that her bed comrade not enough time to take it.

But what are the right things? And how the woman makes up and explains to the Partner what she likes the most?

The key to female orgasm

The basic condition for the female orgasm is a relaxed relationship to the female abdomen. The was, however, vilified over the millennia, or disregarded. To date, the sex parts are for many women, the blind spot of your body, you know how they look “down there” and not keep this area to see the value of Pride, each track is missing.

Masturbation is different than in men – anything as a matter of course.

In biology class, is informed about the female reproductive organs, but the fascinating sexual organ of the woman receives little attention: the clitoris. It serves up to eight thousand nerve endings at the tip only of the desire and is the key to female orgasm. She is the female counterpart to the Penis, and the externally visible part above the labia is nothing more than a small, but extremely sensitive glans with foreskin.

But this point only the i is the icing on the cake of pleasure. In 1998, Australian Urologist Helen O discovered’connell, that the clitoris is much larger than previously assumed: on The Inside the woman’s nearly ten-centimeter-long corpora cavernosa that fill with blood during sexual arousal, swelling, and the inside of Vagina and Vulva, Nestle extend.

The entire clitoral complex can swell to twice its size by now, Sigmund Freud could put his penis envy ad acta. All of this is, until today, hardly any anatomy book, the dictionary defines the clitoris as “at the upper end of the labia minora located the female gender organ”.

Fifth Hour: Masturbation

Penis and clitoris are much more similar than we think, after all, they arise from the same embryonic structures. But why this Knowledge is not imparted? The French engineer and cognitive scientist, asked Odile Fillod, and developed a three-dimensional clitoris model, which can be manufactured to any school with a 3-D printer and in the instruction shown. In Germany, such a project would fail probably because no other school can afford a 3D printer.

3-D Model of the female clitoris with erectile tissues

But French girls are already experienced in the sexual education that they can just come to orgasm as their male classmates. It is not just the technology, but also to the female self-understanding. The earlier and the shame of liberated women begin their sexual organs to deal with, the better you can Express later on your wishes.

Clitoris first

And how the man makes it right? A use statement, there is not, because, of course, sexuality is individual and does not take place only between the legs, but also in the head. However, it is worthwhile to know the following: Even if the clitoris is sometimes referred to as a button or the pleasure button, causing it to press very little! The clitoral glans is much more sensitive than the glans of the Penis, it has twice as many nerve endings, therefore, the woman feels a strong touch as unpleasant, her clitoral tip retracts.

We consider rather that it is a penis with foreskin, according to you would like to be gently petted and caressed. The clitoris is aroused and swells, it can be due to its internal size of the outer labia and stimulates or “classic” by the Penis in the Vagina – but for that you must have also had the opportunity to unfold in all its glory. In other words: clitoris first!

A survey of women that often come to orgasm, it was found that the Sex lasts with you longer, that oral sex or manual Stimulation play a crucial role and articulate their needs. The researchers concluded that there is “a variety of behaviors that can try out pairs in order to increase the frequency of orgasms.”

Whether and how often we come, we have so – let’s get together, the orgasm gap closes!

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